Voice Mail

Make your life easier with our voice mail. Record your message and let our voice mail answer your calls. You can even have your voice mail messages forwarded to your email using the E-forward feature. We have many different options, features and pricing available listed below. This service is available ONLY to telephone customers of Runestone Telecom.

Voice Mail Options

Voice Mail OptionsVoice Mail Basic
Voice Mail Plus
Voice Mail Deluxe
Allowed message length2 minutes3 minutes4 minutes
Message retention15 days15 days30 days
Maximum storage20 message/15 minutes25 messages/20 minutes30 messages/40 minutes
Outgoing greeting length30 seconds30 seconds60 seconds
Auto loginincludedincludedincluded
Stutter dial toneincludedincludedincluded
Included mailboxes129
Additional mailboxes
$1.00 each
1 additional mailboxes allowed3 additional mailboxes allowedN/A
Daily notificationIncluded OptionIncluded OptionIncluded Option
E-mail onlyIncluded OptionIncluded OptionIncluded Option
Visual message waiting indicationIncluded OptionIncluded OptionIncluded Option
Add minutes to allowed message lengthN/AIncluded OptionN/A
E-forward$1.00 / monthIncluded OptionIncluded Option
Message forward$1.00 / monthIncluded OptionIncluded Option
Pager or phone notification$1.00 / month
to a toll-free number
$1.00 / month
to a toll-free number
Included Option
to a toll-free number
Associated numbers$1.00 / month$1.00 / monthIncluded Option
Distribution list$1.00 / month$1.00 / monthIncluded Option
Memo$1.00 / month$1.00 / monthIncluded Option

Feature Descriptions

Additional Mailboxes


Add additional mailboxes to your account. These work well for family members, roommates, or employees in a business. Each mailbox has an individual access code and can forward to a separate e-mail address if you choose E-mail Forwarding.

Allow Dial Out

Allows people calling you to dial ‘0’ and transfer the call to your toll-free (800, 888, etc…) number. This works well if you want to allow people to easily call your cell phone when you are away.

Associated Numbers

Allows multiple phone numbers to share one voice mailbox.

Auto Login

Easy access to your mailbox when you are calling from your primary line. This is ideal for people who are not concerned about others accessing the mailbox from that line. This can be turned on and off as desired.

Daily Notification

Set a time each day that the Voice Mail System should ring your phone to indicate you have new messages waiting to be retrieved.

Distribution Lists

Create groups containing different lists of mailboxes.

Example: If you must often send messages to a group of people or a department within a business, you could create a list containing the voice mail boxes of these people and simply send a voice memo to the Distribution List, sending a copy to each person on the list.


Forward a copy of voice mail messages to an email address you provide and also leave a copy in the voice mail system which you may retrieve through the call-in methods. Voice mail messages may be deleted through the email notifications.

E-mail Only

Forward your voice messages to E-mail and do not save them in your voice mailbox. This is useful for those that are concerned with their mailbox exceeding their capacity limit or they would rather manage their voice messages through e-mail only.


Send memo messages to mailboxes of other Runestone Voice Mail Customers or Distribution lists. The memos are sent directly to the mailboxes without ringing the recipient’s phone.

Message Forwarding

Forward a message to another mailbox or a distribution list. You can also attach your own message to the message you are forwarding.

Message Length

An allowed message length is defined by the plan you choose. You may add additional recording time if you pick either Voice Mail Plus or Deluxe.

Pager or Phone Notification

Great for people on the go. A reminder page or call alerts you when a new message is left for you. Notifications can only be sent to toll-free (800, 888, etc…) numbers.

Visual Message Waiting Indication>

This feature activates a message light on certain phones when there are new messages in the mailbox.