Internet Equipment

These devices must be returned along with the power supply upon disconnecting service. You will be charged for these devices if not returned.


Ubiquiti AirRouter                  Ubiquiti AirRouter HP           Calix 4220E Gigaspire            Ubiquiti AirCube


Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders

Calix GM1028 or GS4220E

DSL modems

Comtrend VR-3030                                 Billion Bipac 8200M


DO NOT RETURN OR REMOVE THE FOLLOWING DEVICES.   These devices, called ONT’s, deliver service to your home and need to stay in place.  You will not be billed for them unless removed, damaged or destroyed.

Calix Gigacenter 854G                Calix 7xx                                                       Calix 803G                                                   Calix 726GE-I