Scholarship Programs

Runestone Telecom is proud to offer scholarship opportunities through the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), and Minnesota Telecom Alliance (MTA) in cooperation with the NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association. These organizations seek to enhance the quality of life in America by increasing awareness of rural issues and strongly supporting the continuing education of rural youth.
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A signature from our general manager, a member of our board of directors, or a designated employee of Runestone Telecom is required, so please apply early.


High Speed Internet

Runestone Telecom Association is located in Hoffman, Minnesota. We provide high speed Internet to people living in west central Minnesota.

Telephone Services

We provide telephone service to much of west central Minnesota.

Cable Television

Providing Cable TV service to west central Minnesota. Service is available to customers in the city limits of our service area as well as to any rural customer with fiber optic cable to their home.

Business Services

Providing a professional experience when your customers call is critical. So no matter how small your business, you should have access to the same features and professional functionality of a big company. With hosted voice, Runestone Telecom delivers you a best-in-class phone system with all the bells and whistles of a big company phone system at an incredibly attractive price. Advanced features and easy administration via a web portal makes hosted PBX the last phone system you’ll ever need to buy.

Welcome to Runestone Telecom Association

Runestone Telecom Association is located in Hoffman, Minnesota. We provide high speed Internet, cable TV, local phone service and long distance service to people living in west central Minnesota.


High Speed Internet for all of your needs. DSL, Fiber, and Wireless are supported.


A landline connection for your home or business, with crystal clear sound and clarity.

Cable Television

Many selections for all of your entertainment needs. Sports, Drama, Movies. You got it.


Providing a professional experience with our Hosted PBX Systems.

Service Rates

Current rates for the services we provide to our customers.

Services Map

See what’s available for services in your area and current rates.

Internet Support

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Telephone Support

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Cable TV Support

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